Pre Learner Course

The First Step To Getting Your Motorbike Licence

Is this course for you?

If you currently have no motorcycle licence, the Pre Learner course is the first step you need to take.

The Pre Learner course is a compulsory 2 day course to get your motorcycle learners licence.

To be eligible for this course you are required to have held your provisional or car licence for at least 1 year.

If you have no riding experience we recommend booking in for our Learn to Ride course first!

What to expect:

The Pre Learner course was created to better prepare learner riders by enabling them to gain basic riding knowledge and motorcycle handling skills in a safe environment before riding on-road.

During the course you will cover and demonstrate a number of training competencies, including: the basics of operating a motorcycle, road-craft tactics, riding curves, slow riding, steering, braking, judgement and giving way, riding strategies and a simulated road ride.

Our friendly and patient instructor’s at QRide Townsville will continue to correct and develop your riding technique throughout the course.

We offer a blended approach to learning; including theory based teaching, demonstrations, coaching and practice on the motorbike.

Individualised feedback is provided throughout the course, allowing participants to learn through experience.

Please note that you must complete day 1 prior to day 2. You must complete both days within 30 days of each other.

Once you complete the course:

  • Once you have successfully completed both days of the Pre Learner course and are deemed competent, you will be eligible to apply for your Motorcycle Learners Licence by completing the Motorcycle Knowledge Test

You can sit the test online (Motorcycle Knowledge Test) or, in person at the Department of Transport

  • You are required to hold a Motorcycle Learners Permit for a minimum of 3 months before being eligible to upgrade to a Restricted Motorcycle Licence (RE O)


  • $199 per day on weekdays
  • $249 per day on weekends
  • motorcycle hire available – $50 per day