Practice Ride Time

Practice riding a motorcycle and gain essential riding skills and experience!

We understand you just got your motorcycle licence and are keen to start riding. Our Practice Ride Time course has been designed to offer you time on a motorbike to practice riding and further develop your riding skills.

Is this course for you?

  • If you have your motorbike learners licence and are looking to gain riding experience during your 3-month learner period this course is perfect for you.
  • This course is also great for riders on their RE O licence who want to further develop their skills.

What to expect:

The course will be catered to the group on the day after your experienced instructor talks to the group and discovers what the gaps are in each individuals training/knowledge.
The 2 hour course can cover some or all of the following skills:
  • Straight line braking
  • Cornering braking
  • Slow turns – U-turns
  • Medium turns
  • Posture and eye line
  • Slow riding
  • Road riding – Beginners

Throughout ride time you will:

  • Gain expert skills from our highly experienced instructors
  • Prepare for your RE O licence assessment
  • Get to ride with a group of people who are at the same stage as you
  • Have mentors supporting you and helping you enhance your riding skills
  • Pick up essential skills and won’t pick up bad riding habits


  • $150 – including bike and all protective gear